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The thief stole your candy, but he is dropping it everywhere – along the street, on the beach, even in the amusement park! Choose your favorite Talking Tom and Friends character and get ready to run, jump and slide in an epic candy-filled adventure. Get chests to get coins, diamonds, new characters and free character upgrades. Chase the thief along with fun friends who will help you with your amazing special abilities. Therobber has stolen your candy, but this son of a gumis dropping it everywhere– along the street, at the beach, even at the amusement park!

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Crush bosses on your way to glory to climb levels and reach new heights of bubble fun. • Side-swiping in mid-air is a tricky but important skill to learn in the game. There are some sections where you need to do it in order to survive – if you’re not used to doing it, you’re likely to fumble it.

If you’re buying Bayonetta 2 on Switch then you’ll get a copy of Bayonetta for free as a digital download. Rated 5 out of 5 by Atomic owl from Bayonetta 2 review Bayonetta 2 for the switch felt somewhat refreshing from bayonetta 1, graphics looked polished in this game. Outfit7 Limited has announced that Talking Tom Candy Run, its popular endless runner from mobile, is making the jump to Switch. This game can be played by anyone, and safe for anyone.

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Tom is a cat that was able to repeat everything we said on the phone, causing a lot of videos on the net with his face. Then, Ben and Talking Angela arrived, the first is the dog that always bothers Tom and the second is his girlfriend. From the world of Talking tom, a large number of online mini-games have been created that we have had to collect in this section so you don’t miss any of their adventures.