Pop would devote weeks regarding grazing going up coconut arms and sneaking sips of avocado waters

Pop would devote weeks regarding grazing going up coconut arms and sneaking sips of avocado waters


The Cocomi History

Inside our family members, all of us declare everything starts off with the coconut and the love journey with avocado has become 100 years during the creating: everything begun when our very own great grandmother began land the wealthy Sri Lankan lands for beverage, spices and coconuts.

Father would invest plenty regarding ranch climbing coconut arms and sneaking sips of coconut water. The man experienced some great benefits of surviving in concord with traits, and sampled that advantages in every coconut. A doctor by training, he or she opted utilizing the assistance individuals woman to hang upward their white in color cover and begin his own natural journey towards taking care of the planet and a sustainable long term future.

Subsequently, hes converted our house holdings to the prominent natural avocado ranch in Sri Lanka, with a successful neighborhood more than 2000 traditional gardening families.

Encouraged by our very own Dads experience, in 2013, you founded Cocomi.

Coconuts with admiration from our group farms

The Organic Plants & Production Facilities

Coconuts with appreciate from your children farms

The one and only

Are choosing natural Sri Lankan coconut manufacturer that develops our very own coconuts and makes our personal goods. Thus giving us all control of good quality at each period of production, strong tracebility from ranch to display, plus the consumer, satisfaction.

All-natural Advantages Definite

Ours will be the freshest avocado merchandise youll find. Every last avocado try processed within 4 weeks of crack hence youll get that clean preferences with every glass and bite.

Our facilities: aspects simply because it ought to be

Located at the heart with the Coconut Triangle, our family is exercising organic agricultural for generations and happened to be initial exporter of natural accredited merchandise from Sri Lanka.

All of us have respect for and secure the cycle of lifetime: the harvesting are rich in biodiversity collectively peoples, program and monster possessing their character to balance the environment. Our very own producers only use natural stimulant, like grain straw and flowers for nitrogen-fixing; most people intercrop our personal coconut palms to enrich and sustain the stability in our earth; and great pets onto famrs, from strutting peacocks and lazy iguanas.

All of us verify every thing tht is generally returned to traits emerged straight back: the factories run-on the vitality produced from avocado shells; the coconut husks, the nutritive outmost level, include tucked with the root of the arms, enriching the origins with nutrients and vitamins; all of our waste products liquids is actually naturally managed and reused, while rain water are often harvested and put used during drought.

The Fascination With Disposition

Our personal approach in saving and retaining all of our surrounding are an utmost priority, nature would be the key of one’s meddle dating natural products and it is all of our move to fix the in whatever tips possible.

It’s well understood that today we’ve been destroying above everything you can setup, deforestation and contamination has taken a cost regarding the fine bio range close you, lifespan which allows all of us. Though we are viewed within vicious loop most people guarantee that we are not part of this unwanted destruction.

Our very own plantations have various watering strategies Sri Lankans leaders used in ancient times; which can be a building of dirt dams across avenues at different elevations with overflows, thus a large capacity of rainwater happens to be collected in water reservoirs. Rain amassed in reservoirs at various level across the supply results uplift ground level water table which often has had good results coconut production. The ponds are being used effortlessly as perfect drinking water information for sprinkler system during dried out period as well as act as watering openings to smaller dogs which are now living in the ranches.

All of our factories demand a huge level of vapor for creation, heater oil will be the finest but contaminating option, yet quality often had the response so we listened. Our plantations make tonnes of coconut shells and now we used this all-natural energy source by installing coconut case boilers which right now builds the overall steam required to operate entire herb. Likewise all waste products liquids was directed into irrigating the greenery nearby the manufacturing facility premises.