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“Texas Chainsaw Massacre, only reluctant” is a precarious premise, and I still can’t quite figure out how the whole thing doesn’t fall apart, but this Spanish misfire offers a few hints. Gonzalo Bendala tries something similar, making Germán (Julián Villagrán) out to be a motorpsycho after he inadvertently strikes a pair of party girls. Germán wants to make amends and repeatedly shouts he’s a “good guy,” but he comes to inhabit the malevolence the women see in him, and it’s there that the film caves in. As a collection of happenings linked by causality, it barely holds together; as a wink to the curdled male psyche convincing itself of its rightness even in error, it’s even wobblier. This action potboiler about a speed-demon motorcyclist (François Civil) moonlighting as a courier for gangsters is stuck in a rut, spinning its wheels and going nowhere.

He criticized the songs from Artpop except the title track, but complimented the acoustic and piano sequences. The next section starts with “Venus” as large inflatable flowers rise from below on stage. Gaga appears in the seashell bikini ensemble and playing a guitar. After a welcome speech, “MANiCURE” and “Cake Like Lady Gaga” are performed. Gaga disappears inside for another outfit change as the band plays an outro. She emerges back onto stage in the white outfit and wig as a video shows her twirling on screen.

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It’s all downhill from there, as button-nosed Queen Amber prepares to deliver the heir to the kingdom of NotRomania while reexamining her own role in the monarchy. Even if this wasn’t the most gormless, laughless entry in the series, and it is, it would still suffer from its self-defeating efforts to service two competing fantasies. In the first, a woman is whisked off her feet by a man so perfect that his love instantly gives her a life of wealth, glamour, and leisure. On top of everything else, it just means the least.

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  • I still have the same two showerheads, and they are in perfect working order.
  • Visiting the same morass of violence and political destabilization that plagued Beasts of No Nation’s corner of Africa, this film sends Laura (Bélen Rueda) into the middle of the Congo’s mineral wars to search for her wayward sister Super Stylist apk latest version, no matter the costs.
  • Pity, then, that it also changes a Russian character into a villain in an act of needless Cold War antagonism, and gracelessly hawks Dr. Pepper during one of its most serious moments.
  • During the ’80s, actor Richard Thorncroft protected the Isle of Man during his multi-season tenure as Mindhorn, a TV detective with a bionic eye that enabled him to “see the truth” via infrared lie-detection.

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman really seemed to be on to something for a minute there. Catfish and Nerve were original, deceptively clever, and most importantly, made by two people with an in-depth understanding of the internet’s aesthetics and functioning. That all goes out the window in this superhero-adjacent action picture that smacks of hired-gun work, lacking in the zing we’d come to expect. The big idea here is “Power,” a synthetic drug that looks like a cyberpunk Fruit Gusher and gives the user super-abilities redolent of the fake movie from the Entourage movie. But because everyone gets their own special power from Power (hence the name!), it turns into something more like a magic Whatever-The-Plot-Demands device helping out the characters as needed. That goes for the cop (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), the vigilante and the dealer all hunting down the supplier , a dime-a-dozen plot not all that enhanced by the DNA-altering hook.

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His tough inner work, of drawing a line between resignation and acceptance, showcases Garcia’s range and deft touch — a talent kept under a bushel for the same reasons this film breaks down. Make no mistake, this conceptual sci-fi picture is made mostly out of pure mumbo jumbo, but it’s still an exceptionally high grade of mumbo jumbo. In the opening moments, a scientist wakes up beside his ex-lover.

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