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Spencer asks if Mona set this up, thinking it would cause a fight between Yvonne and Spencer over Toby. The scene cuts to Elliot showing up at Emily’s room, where Emily asks if Alison sent him. He says that she hasn’t returned her calls and Emily says that it was intentional and she can’t see her now. We then see Spencer on the phone with Gil and she doesn’t believe that he doesn’t have their lunch meeting in his phone. Yvonne shows up and greets Spencer saying that she would have called to tell her she’d be late to the lunch but didn’t have her contact information.

Tap Manage to assert some control over how often the app notifies you. My only workaround was to make it a apk Do Not Disturb download silent notification but I still see it in the notification bar when my phone is on DND . The first time I saw it I thought I was seeing things.

Force Safari To Automatically Show Reader View For Specific Websites On Your Iphone

Tap Duration in the Do Not Disturb settings page shown earlier to set the schedule. Of course, you can always overwrite the schedule settings by manually turning DND on and off. As shown in the screenshot below, tap Turn on as scheduled , to schedule the DND. You can choose to hide specific or even all notifications. So this guide applies to not only Galaxy S20 but also other Samsung Galaxy phones with Android 10, for example, Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy Note 9.

  • Eurogamer learned on Tuesday that Microsoft has started rolling out the “Do not disturb” option to users signed on to the Xbox Insider beta.
  • You can do this for either phone calls or text messages , or you can turn it on for both.
  • Here, select the “Silent Ringtone” you just added to your iPhone.
  • Often, updates are made to provide greater clarity or to comply with changes in regulatory requirements.
  • In this guide, I’ll lay out 3 different methods that will surely fix this issue.

This guide assumes that you currently have a text message conversation that has a crescent moon appearing to the left of it. When this is visible, you are not receiving notifications for a message conversation. You still receive the messages, just not the notifications. You can click here to learn how to mute a group message conversation if the notifications are becoming excessive. You can see the iPhone DND feature in action in above Home Screen depends upon the setting. The left screen is based on the DND mode automatically, and the middle screen is the result of iPhone switched to DND mode when connected to car Bluetooth.

Turn On do Not Disturb

Distracted driving accounts for far too many deaths and injuries on America’s roads. At highway speeds, a car travels more than thelength of a football fieldin just five seconds. The average text message takesseven secondsto compose and send. With the iPhone app, parents can lock the ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving” function on their children’s phones, requiring a password for access.