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In addition to the lithograph coating they are generally given a varnish of celluloid by the clock manufacturers, thus making them practically waterproof. They are very cheap and the repairer will find that he will obtain in prestige from such new dials far more than they cost. The satin effect may be obtained on a dial by prolonging the acid dip and otherwise proceeding as before.

This method can of course be applied to all wheels and pinions to get the size of the blank; with other wheels than escape wheels, where the pitch line and the full diameter do not coincide, the addendum may be subtracted from the full diameter to get the pitch line. Slightly oil the balance pivots; an excess will only gather dust and prove detrimental, as the countersinks form an admirable place for holding the dust. Now oil the remaining parts and we are sadly mistaken if our clock does not make a motion that will be gratifying. Let it remain long enough for all the dirt to settle to the bottom of the pail; then remove and wipe as dry as possible with a soft rag; by having no binder on the spring it is permitted to uncoil to its full, and thereby remove all gummy oil between its coils. Now peg out the holes of the wheels removed and of the lever and that portion of our work is complete. The diameter of the lifting pins is generally made equal to 2½ degrees of the scape wheel, which gives a lift of 2 degrees on the pallet arms, and the remainder of the lift, 6½ degrees, must be performed by the lifting planes of the wheel teeth.


therefore points to the use of hydrogen as the medium with which to fill our clock cases. It is inert, it forms no compounds under the influence of the electric spark, the case friction is no greater than would exist if we made an air vacuum of only about 1 inch of mercury, and hydrogen gas may be readily prepared. The method from dilute sulphuric acid and scrap zinc is the handiest, and it will be found described in almost any chemistry textbook or encyclopedia. Should the horologist wish to know something of the chemistry of the process, without previous study, he will find it described in very simple language in any primary chemistry. The practical details of filling a clock case with hydrogen gas I have not yet worked out.

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66 will be seen a tooth on the line of centers A B, just coming in action against the pinion’s flank and also one just ceasing action. It will be seen that the tooth just entering is in contact at the joint pitches, or radii, of the two wheels, and that when the tooth has run its course and ceased to act, that it will be represented by tooth 2. Then the exit contact will be at the dotted line o o.

  • By checking ‘allow from this source’, you’ll now be able to install APK files downloaded from your browser.
  • And this was a 1960s Mayan adventure pick called Kings of the Sun, starring Yul Brynner.
  • Everybody knows that she has a very specific tone, very specific pattern of speech.
  • The battery which has proved most successful in gas engine ignition work is 3¾ × 8 inches.
  • With small producers, farmers and ranchers who take care of their environment and pamper their products, many of them with organic certification.
  • And of course there are certain people, and I know you’ve worked with them who are night people, they’re creatures of the night so they want to work at night.

Inspect carefully to see that the center winding contact is right and that the motor is without any dead points. Dust out the case and put the movement in place. Before putting on the dial try the winding by means of the switch, Fig.