Knowledge Base – Important Tricks On Zalo On Android You May Not Know Exist [Part 2]


In case of .nomedia file, there is no file name available. It just contain .nomedia suffix as a file extension. Nomedia, as name itself suggests, is a file that contains no media in it. However, you can also convert any file into .nomedia file just by renaming it. One thing that we all know is that, files consist of file name and extension type only. Once these screenshots are on your computer, you can print them out like you would with any other document.

  • Above all else, know that it’s totally fine to ask questions in the store.
  • Although the services offered by Zola Weddings are free, they are still valuable because they funnel potential customers to Zola’s online store.
  • This has led to a fierce competition among service providers, yet a wonderful chance for consumers to enjoy various benefits.
  • To set up Google Pay, you’ll have to download the app on your phone and set it up there first.

Unfortunately, though, there’s no built-in feature for print out text message conversations. Neither iOS or Android have features that allow you to do this, but there is a workaround that’s still fairly easy. With that said, having a physical, printed-out copy of an important text message conversation is great to have. Here’s how to print out text message conversations so that you’ll always have a physical copy available in case of emergency. Display quality – A smartphone is first and foremost a screen, and I need the best one I can get. Battery life – Nothing else matters if I can’t actually use the phone.

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No registration needed, login using Facebook or Vkontakte , use apps for iOS and Android to be online more often. Vietnam admits the presence of 33,000 sex workers, 2.6 percent of whom are HIV positive, according to official figures. Unofficial figures say there are 200,000 sex workers in Vietnam, 40 percent of whom are said to be HIV positive. Vietnam’s abolition of compulsory rehabilitation for sex workers in 2013 has since sparked fierce debates among researchers, officials and lawmakers on whether the country should legalize sex work.

A super app is a “powerful app” that incorporates many Zalo APK functions and features, from social networking and e-commerce to goods delivery, and e-payment. All over the world diplomats are being recalled and posted. It has miserably failed to make a case for not effecting recalls.

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However, using the right health application, your weight loss journey will be smooth and easier. In the past 10 years or so, one of the phone brands that have enjoyed the strongest growth in the Vietnamese market has been HTC. All will be answered by WebTech360 Supermarket right in the article below. How to install Linux on an Android device Do you want to install Linux computer environment on Android phones or tablets? How to clean iPhone charging port If your iPhone doesn’t charge or slowly, try cleaning out the dirt in your phone’s Lightning charging port following the instructions below.